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My collections follow...

Bead Reflections - Mirrored photographs from Sarah-Jane's little treasures.

Elements - Wood, stone, gems, you name it... 

Human Nature - Plants meet people.

Little Treasures - Sold exclusively at Eye Candy in downtown Salida Colorado $168 each.  These little gems are perfect for small spaces.

Overlay - Superimposed photographs from an old farm to a native deer.

Steampunk - Industrial overlays.

All images are $10 and can be downloaded and printed once I remove the watermark.  Your local print shop can print any size and you can get nice, inexpensive frames from Amazon.  I can frame the prints and ship them but shipping is expensive (about $45 for a 20" x 16" print).  All prints in this collection come from either my original bead embroidery pieces, encaustic prints or photographs.  Stay tuned to see other collections from Sarah-Jane.


1.  Add the item(s) you want to purchase to the cart..

2.  Pay for your item(s) through PayPal or with a credit card.

3. Fill out the message form in this section and include the item name and what size(s)print you want (ex.  5x7, 8x10, etc.)  I will remove the watermark and e-mail the print to you. 

Now that's free shipping!

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